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To: Kevin McCarthy
California’s 23rd District
House Minority Leader

From: Da Bob

Hola Kevin — What’s crackin’?

Dude, I just wanted to reach out and say “Qué Pasa” to my fellow Californian… And clue you into a certain — Historical — reality that may have slipped by you.


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RE: Victor Davis Hanson: The secret that Biden, Obama, Hillary won’t say aloud about today’s Democratic Party

Hang on XXXXX,

I think my rebuttal here is about three times longer than Hanson’s original piece… and I may have strayed a bit into areas we don’t see eye to eye.


Serious Question — Does anyone know the hairy musical production genius, Rick Rubin? I need to get a message to him.

Paging Mr. Rubin, Mr. Rick Rubin… Your musical knack is in desperate need!

Trust me people, I cannot overstate how much the musical universe is in serious peril right now and needs the sage, hairy eardrums of Rick Rubin. Actually, his melodious timing could not be more critical!

Please, someone…

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Last week’s business wires were all a buzz over Amazon’s acquisition of MGM Studios for a cool, crisp… $8.5 Billion.

Since then, questions have swirled… How will Jeff Bezos mine MGM’s primo content? How will this score affect Amazon’s already enormous suite of e-commerce, web-hosting and media offerings? …

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I guess that Old-Time Religion just ain’t good enough anymore…

It was good for our mothers…
It was good for our fathers…
Makes me love everybody…
It’s good enough for me!

Yet, unfortunately… Hymns fade and times change; churches once led by faithful ministers, truehearted pastors or devout priests have…

Can we talk about what is happening in Arizona? I mean really talk about it… Because what has been happening in the desert is Bat-$hit crazy!

There are a bunch of so-called “Cyber Ninjas” counting Maricopa County’s last November 6th Presidential ballots… Yeah, Ninjas!

Ninja ballot reviewers who seem to have no experience auditing elections, love to wear red trucker hats, hate the media and come across as seriously partisan… Some major Cuckoo For Coco Puffs!

This summer’s media onslaught is going to SUCK!

ABC & Kelly Slater’s… The Ultimate Surfer

Get ready America… Over the next few months the beautiful sport and laidback lifestyle of surfing is going to be marketed hard to your flabby bodies. …

A giant ostrich book with spurs outside The Big Texan Steak House in Amarillo, Texas via K. Mitch Hodge

In an attempt to halt the further purpling of Texas’s historically staunch red politics, Republicans state leaders have begun to legislate back, the hands of time, by passing “Old West” style gun and alcohol laws. …

Photo by Nik via Unsplash

The sky is falling!
The skyyy iiisssss falling…

Yes… Literally a Chinese rocket is falling out of the sky and is due to crash — somewhere — on earth this weekend; pack your bags, grab your crap, put the kids in the bunker and bury yourself…

Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Wheaties Cereal Box

The hypocrisy reeks here…

Once again a notable public figure has left us bewildered and confused, effectively telling us, “Do as I say, not as I do.” This time it’s the “Breakfast of Champions” icon, turned Lady, now current candidate for California Governor — Caitlyn Jenner.

When recently asked about…

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